Sideways Shows For A Straight-Laced City

Resonant Interval Sound Series #2: Will Adams & Lucas Gorham | October 23, 2009

This Sunday, October 25, Resonant Interval will play host to a recent returnee from Charm City, Will Adams. Will has played in an impressive number of Houston bands over the years (Jessica Six, The Ka-Knives, Carter Brown) and is serving currently as the guitarist in Jana Hunter’s band. This weekend he will play a solo set for guitar and effects pedals.

He will be joined by Lucas Gorham, another multi-banded fellow (Satin Hooks, Sad Gorilla, Grandfather Child) who has developed an impressive improvisational vocabulary for the lap steel guitar.

Each will play a solo set and, if they are willing, a duet at the end of the evening.

The show will begin at 8 at 2808 Milam. Cover charge is $5.  Have a drink at Khon’s next door. Last week they had authentic Cajun gumbo and boiled crabs to eat!


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