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Resonant Interval Sound Series #15: Nicholas Rejack & Concrete Violin | February 20, 2010

This week we will be welcoming another visitor from Austin at Resonant Interval, Nicholas Rejack. Nicholas works with maximalist drones generated from Max/MSP patches, which should be especially well-suited to the acoustic properties of The Husk.

Concrete Violin is the solo vehicle of Austin Caustic, a longtime participant in the Houston noise scene, dating back to KPFT’s “Funhouse” radio program (co-hosted with Vinal Edge’s Chuck Roast) in the mid 80s. He brings a unique performance dynamic to a sometimes stage-shy music community. This week’s set will be much more in the vein of dark ambient sounds wrought from his extensive effect-pedal circuit.

As always the show begins at 7:45 pm at The Husk (2808 Milam, between Khon’s Bar & Pho Saigon). A $5 cover charge goes directly to the performers. We hope to see you this weekend.


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