Sideways Shows For A Straight-Laced City

Resonant Interval Sound Series #18: I Heart Lung, Rare Grooves & CJ Boyd | March 12, 2010

This Sunday we are proud to welcome five formidable musicians passing through the Lone Star State on their way to NX35 and SXSW, gracing Houston with two evenings of exciting sound.

I Heart Lung (Chris Schlarb on guitar & Tom Steck on drums) , from Long Beach, California, stir up a potent blend of drone, free jazz, noise rock & the contributions of their many collaborators.  They have released records on Sounds Are Active, Asthmatic Kitty & Thor’s Rubber Hammer and performed across the United States.

Taken from their Sounds Are Active album Between Them A Forest Grew, Trackless and Quiet:

If I Were A Young Man Now

Maleem Ya Maleem

From their performance for the “40 Bands/80 Minutes” documentary:

Rare Grooves, also hailing from the LA area, play a slowed-down but no less eclectic variation on Minutemen-style punk, which is unsurprising given their recording collaborations with Mike Watt. Hear their most recent recording with him here.

Itinerant bass player CJ Boyd will be blowing back into town for this show. His perpetual touring has made him familiar to many people in Houston and across the world.

There will be several combinations of each groups’ personnel throughout the night, making for a very unique opportunity to see some top-notch improvisors playing to each others’ strengths.

Show details may be found on this excellent Michael Curtin poster:


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