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Resonant Interval #21: Melanie Jamison (ft. Aisen Chacin) & The Great Travis Kerschen | April 11, 2010

There’s been quite a few things afoot here at Resonant Interval headquarters–interstate job interviews looming, apartment-cleaning, ferreting out every last underground music lover in our fair city to keep this thing going strong. Please forgive our last-minute post calling attention to this week’s bill. In deference to the immanent threat of nervous breakdown, we will simply quote Space City Rock’s assessment of this week’s performers, Melanie Jamison & The Great Travis Kerschen:

…[T]he original guest for tonight, The Drink Up, Honey, couldn’t make it, so instead the show’ll feature Melanie Jamison, an H-town expat dwelling in NYC ’til recently. Here’s the official word on what she’s like:

Melanie is a recent returnee from New York City, where she studied interdisciplinary artforms (including compositions lessons with minimalist scion La Monte Young). She is currently pursuing graduate work in art in Houston & collaborating with a number of artists across several disciplines. We will be performing some electroacoustic pieces this weekend, accompanied by video art by Aisen Chacin.

Also playing is The Great Travis Kerschen, the latest project of local noise/experimental maven Travis Kerschen (duh), known for both the stellar A Thousand Cranes and the new-ish (but promising) Fiskadoro. I dunno quite what it’s going to be like, but I hear it’s more noise-y than his other stuff. Which, um, is a little interesting, since the other stuff is pretty noise-y in itself…

Many thanks to Jeremy Hart for the write-up. In the meantime, we hope to see you this evening at 7:45 pm at Khon’s. Still unsure if the show will occur in The Husk or the unused Cricket space, but either way, the show shall go on.

Travis Kerschen performing under the name A Thousand Cranes:

A Melanie Jamison sound piece from a recent performance art exhibition at Notsuoh:

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