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Resonant Interval #23: Paul Connolly/Aaron Bielish & Ryan Edwards | April 25, 2010

Please forgive this late notice, but we are in fact hosting the 23rd installment of Resonant Interval this Sunday at our new space, The Exoskeleton. As The Husk is now on its way to becoming another boba tea shop, the propietors of Khon’s Bar have generously allowed us to decamp to an unused Cricket Wireless space in the Mekong Center, which we have elected to call The Exoskeleton (surely to the delight of entymologists everywhere). Same time (7:45 pm), same price ($5), same place (2808 Milam).

This week we welcome back two veterans of our series–Paul Connolly and Ryan Edwards. Paul will be joined by violist Aaron Bielish to realize a piece inspired by the David Cronenberg auto/erotic film “Crash”, while Ryan will be performing a solo set for guitar and voice. Please join us for our inaugural show in our new home this evening.

On a side note, due to the impending move of Resonant Interval CEO, HR assistant manager and sanitation engineering foreman Lance Higdon to Atlanta, Georgia, Resonant Interval will be concluding our season at the end of July. If you have ever desired to perform or contribute in some creative way to our series, please contact us with proposals for execution in the next 3 months.

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