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Resonant Interval #31: Amy Morrison/Doug Falk/Hsin-Jung Tsai, MFM, Tatsuya Nakatani & Omar Tamez | June 18, 2010

June continues to be a star-studded month for Resonant Interval. After hosting Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III & Tarr on an extra Houston date of their tour last week, we are treated to two ensembles touring the globe, along some stellar local talent.

First up, the contemporary chamber trio of Amy Morrison (oboe & English horn), Doug Falk (trumpet & upright bass) and Hsin-Jung Tsai (piano) will be performing several new compositions for their unique orchestration. Falk and Tsai are well-known to Resonant Interval regulars, having appeared in several combinations with other musicians across a spectrum of sounds.

MFM trace a circuitous history between Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and beyond. From their website: “Combining an array of musical instruments, from the traditional to the non-traditional, they offer dense paranormal soundscapes, often accentuated by thick bass hooks, found and appropriated sound, dark piano melodies, and other unexpected noises and visual material that differ performance from performance”.  You can read more here.

MFM Live In-Studio Performance:

Tatsuya Nakatani (drums) & Omar Tamez (guitar) are touring as a duo and will be heading to Houston after performing and conducting workshops at the inaugural New Media Art and Sound Summit in Austin. Nakatani works with a series of extended techniques and an extended drumkit (including several gongs) to improvise in modes both meditative and furious. Tamez is a central force in coordinating jazz and improvised music in Monterrey, Mexico, while touring and collaborating extensively in North America, Europe and Japan.

Tatsuya Nakatani, solo percussion performance:

Omar Tamez, trio performance at Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin:

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