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Resonant Interval #7 (Recap): Amputee & Endless Blinding Sunshine

December 17, 2009
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Last Sunday proved to be one of the most memorably concerts we have had this year. There was a sizable and appreciative crowd in place to take in sets from Amputee (Adam Butera, graciously stepping in for Brent Fariss, who was unable to perform due to a friend’s passing) and Endless Blinding Sunshine.

Adam (who also plays in Kai/Ros and Exterminating Angels) elected to play from an angle catty-corner to the typical performance area, which made for interesting acoustic effects from the long part of the room and an interesting conundrum for which way the audience might face.

Endless Blinding Sunshine (Carlos Pozo and Steve Matis) artfully blended sine waves and cymbals for an enwombing set of drone.

Brief video clip of Endless Blinding Sunshine and audience:

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Resonant Interval #6 (Recap)

December 12, 2009
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Resonant Interval #6 played host to the impromtu ensemble Seal Meat (Meghan Hendley, Michael Curtin & Scott Ritter) and the cohabitating duo Roomies! (Ryan Edwards & Doug Falk).

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Resonant Interval # 5 (Recap)

December 12, 2009
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We beg your forgiveness for the dearth of posts lately. Here are some pictoral accounts of the last few shows.

Sunday December 6th

Resonant Interval played host to Robert Pearson, playing solo on electric piano, and Dave Dove, in a rare solo trombone performance. The audience was treated to a short duet at the end of the evening.

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