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Resonant Interval #28: Tour Kickoff for Screwed Anthologies, featuring Gray Tapes and B L A C K I E

May 25, 2010
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This Sunday’s show features three Houston acts all drawing inspiration from our city’s infamous, indigenous subgenre of slow, steady rap music, known most commonly as “Chopped & Screwed” rap.

Screwed Anthologies in their own words:

Originally commissioned by the gallery labotanica for the exhibit “Screwed Anthologies”, David Dove and Lucas Gorham bring their long history as collaborators to their exploration of an expansive (yet particular) musical sensibility.

With trombone, guitar, lap steel guitar, loops and effects, “Screwed Anthologies” (which became the name of the duo) improvises without preconceived structure. Preset compositions/forms are not used, but the two access the thick and languid feel of DJ Screw’s mixes as a guide through their own sound world, sounding something like a record of improvised music slowed down, with a dose of low drones, some achingly-slow-to-a-crawl blues, and a sampling of DJ Screw tracks (selected from the hundreds of mixtapes released by DJ Screw in his lifetime).

Screwed Anthologies connects seemingly disparate musical genres with a deep sense for how regionalism, experimentalism, tradition, and technology cross the lines of genre. Screwed Anthologies makes electro-acoustic improvisation with a love of the layers, thick textures, soulful expressiveness, deep bass, and unusually slow tempos that mark the music of DJ Screw.”

Musical excerpts can be heard here.

The moniker of Pasadena native Michael LaCour, B L A C K I E is a spiritual heir to renegade beatmakers like Dalek and The Bug, compressing grime, rap, noise and punk into a huge wall of speakers and a microphone. A commanding performer, B L A C K I E’s performances eviscerate the distinction between audience and performer, marrying the sweaty, seething ethos of punk rock basement shows to blown-out kick drums and shuddering bass, overlaid with raps taking their cues from South Houston, East London and Western Massachusetts in equal measure.

B L A C K I E live in Richmond, VA:

Gray Tapes performs chopped n’ screwed rap in real time. Aided by a series of vocal effects pedals and self-produced, slowed-down backing tracks, he aims to execute the hypnotic, surreal qualities of Houston’s homegrown subgenre with meticulous imitation of the unique soundworld of DJ Screw’s pioneering Maxwell cassette mixes–the original “Gray Tapes”.

The show begins at 7:45 pm. Gray Tapes, Screwed Anthologies and B L A C K I E. $5-8 admission–these guys are going on tour for 3 weeks & we want to send them off with as much money in their pockets as possible.

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Resonant Interval #25: Open Forum

May 7, 2010
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This week at Resonant Interval, we will be testing out a new approach to our series. Rather than presenting specific performers in a player/audience environment, we are presenting this Sunday as an open forum. Anyone who brings an instrument, or video camera, or paintbrush and canvas, will be combined into a few ad hoc groups for 20-25 minutes each, culminating in a large-group piece at the end of the evening. It seems a bit risky, but we are confident that it will help foster one of the enduring goals of our series, which is to encourage the collaboration among the various strands of forward-thinking creative people residing in Houston.

Accordingly, there will be no charge for this week’s show. If you feel the need to apply your spare $5 elsewhere, we encourage you to take a look through the Resonant Interval Distro crate, filled with audio-visual treasures for the discerning collector.

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