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Resonant Interval #30: Pete & Spencer Gerson, Michael Waller (NYC) | June 13, 2010

This week we will be hosting the first father-and-son duo to perform at Resonant Interval– Pete and Spencer Gershon. The elder Gershon is the publisher of Signal To Noise magazine, a quarterly journal dedicated to covering music from various corners of the underground world (free jazz, noise, out-rock et al). Spencer is a young man getting a jump start on his paternal birthright to explore the wonderful world of experimental sound. It is sure to be an enjoyable set for all parties.

Michael Waller returns from New York City for a solo performance, after being introduced to Resonant Interval in a duo with Melanie Jamison. An active composer and performer around New York, Waller focuses on the meditative, transcendent aspects of sound (often culled from field recordings in specifically-chosen places) to tap in to the “Eternal Music” championed by mentors like La Monte Young and Phil Niblock.

Here is a video featuring one of Waller’s pieces, Ownership:

The show begins at 7:45 pm at 2808 Milam at The Exoskeleton, between the bank and the French bakery. a $5 cover goes directly to the performers. Beverages are available from Khon’s Bar, whose generous patronage makes this series possible. Thank you for supporting them, and thank you for supporting the arts!

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